Stone Care

Natural stone’s strength and versatility makes it a valuable addition to any kitchen, bath, lobby or outdoor application. Proactively protecting Natural stone’s porous surface so that it remains stain resistant and retains its beauty is easier and more cost effective than a restoration project or replacing the stone. Following a natural stonecare and maintenance routine will help ensure that no matter where your stone is installed it will last a lifetime.


Sealed, Protected, Preserve

Stone is the most popular choice for high quality kitchen and bathroom installations for the simple reason that both Natural Stone (Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite) and Engineered Stone (Quartz) remain beautiful for a lifetime with just simple daily care and easy maintenance.

Stone, though tough, is not indestructible — left untreated it js susceptible to damage from acidic and alkaline substances (such as citrus juices, colas and vinegar), from harsh chemicals (such as bleaches, solvents, and makeup) and from abrasive cleansers and scouring. Stone, though “hard”, is actually porous —left untreated, it is susceptible to staining from standing spilled liquids and absorbed oils. Stone in outdoor applications, though naturally strong and resistant, is vulnerable — if left untreated— to discoloration from acidic rain and environmental pollutants.


All Terrastone Natural Stone installations are treated with a premium impregnating sealer That is guaranteed for 15 years.
This sealer forms an invisible protective barrier which resists water and grease infiltration without affecting the natural beauty of the stone surface. (Note: Engineered Stone does not require sealing, conditioning or polishing; in fact, such treatments are discouraged.)

Ask your Terrastone sales consultant about how a Terrastone Sealing Program can preserve the natural beauty and prolong the life of your previously unsealed stone countertops, as well as protect the integrity of the unsealed caulking between countertops and backsplashes.