Our Shop

Terrastone’s commitment to state-of the-art technology, craftsmanship and on-going process improvements insures that every customer receives the finest product possible for the best value. Our fabrication shop utilizes the latest stone-working equipment and processes, including a top-of-the-line Bridge Saw, and an integrated CNC machining facility.



What does this “cutting edge” technology mean for Terrastone customers?

  • Maximum utilization of each slab of material. (Reducing waste means less material is required to complete our customers’ projects.)
  • Precision measurements mean more accurate price estimate.
  • Fewer surprises mean more timely installations.
  • Finished product that are, second-to-none mean the best value for our customers.




Terrastone continually researches the best sealers, resins and finishes for every surface application. In addition to our high-end machinery and process improvements, Terrastone employs only the finest craftsmen in the industry for detailed finishing on every project. Our process of continuous improvements increases the overall value our customers enjoy in their completed Terrastone projects.



Terrastone has gone green, installing a water filtration system that recycles waste water contaminated with stone dust and returns clean water to the fabrication process. This system recycles two levels of water quality: clear water, which is returned to the polishing equipment and CNC machines; and gray water, which is partially recycled and returned to the cutting machines.