Get Started

Every project begins with you providing a dimensioned drawing of the proposed stonework, either from your Cabinetmaker, from your designer or your own sketch.

The drawing should indicate all outside dimensions. (Note: This initial drawing will not be used for fabrication, but only for estimation purposes, so accuracy to the nearest inch is sufficient.)


Getting an Estimate

Other information needed to develop a project estimate will be:

  • Choice of stone,
  • Choice of edge detail,
  • Height and location of backsplash,
  • Type of sink (Vessel, Drop-in or Undermount),
  • Type of stove and other special needs or requests.

To insure that we can send you a proper written estimate, be sure to provide your name, project address, contact telephone number and e-mail address.


Choosing the Stone

Selecting the perfect stone—either natural stone, quartz or re-cycled material — is the next step.

Make an appointment to visit Terrastone’s showroom where our staff will guide you through the process of slab selection. It will be helpful to bring along a sample of your tile, wall colours, cabinet door or any other detail you might consider important.


Choosing the Edge Profile

Your choice of an edge profile is no small detail. A proper edge detail adds impact to the beauty of natural stone slab surface and helps integrate it into the overall design of the room. Profiles not only give your counters a finishing touch but they also help protect it. By eliminating sharp corners, you will greatly reduce the risk of edge chipping, With the right edge detail your counter is sure to create a striking and lasting impression. Edges are available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 2cm (3/4’’’) and 3cm (1-1/4’’) thick to 4cm (1-1/2’’) laminated. Below are a few examples of the most common edge profiles. Terrastone employs technology and careful handwork to ensure that edges are perfect. We believe that the diligence in the details is well worth the results.


Choosing a Backsplash

Customers have a variety of choices when it comes to backsplash options; from 4” to full height, from polished to brushed finish, from a hand chiselled edge to water jet precision…the possibilities are endless.  


Starting your Project

Based on the price of slab and the edge profile you have chosen, Terrastone develops a quotation for your project based on the measurements you have supplied, and emails that quotation to you. (If you have not chosen a specific material, Terrastone will provide an estimate based on using an average stone.)

Upon your approval of Terrastone’s quotation, the completion of a signed Sales Contract and a 50% deposit are required for your Terrastone project to proceed to the next phase: templating. Terrastone will schedule an appointment to measure and template your job. (Note: your cabinetry must be installed and all your appliances and/or sinks must be available.) When templating is completed, Terrastone begins the cutting and fabrication phase of your project.



Unless otherwise specified, Terrastone requests two weeks for scheduled installation. (Premium profiles or custom projects requiring more handwork may take a little longer.) Our installation team will make every effort to expedite the installation of your counters, with most installations being completed in 4-6 hours.

Your finished application will be installed with a “food-safe” sealer, guaranteed for 15 years.

Upon completion of your installation, Terrastone requests the final 50% balance of the payment. Enjoy your natural stonework for many years to come!