We select materials from established distributors who offer the entire spectrum of stone products. From rare exotic stones to sophisticated Granites, Marbles and Quartz the choices are limitless. With a variety of stone materials available and numerous edge profile choices, we can help you achieve the look and feel you desire.


Natural Stone…..unlike any other !


Granite is an igneous rock and is renowned for it’s hard and durable qualities.
The colours of the stone are often strong and intense, with crystalline flecks that add a sparkling and intriguing dimension to the stone when polished.


Prized by architects and sculptors for over 2000 years, this metamorphic rock exudes luxury and opulence. The stone begins life as limestone and is transformed under great pressure into a harder rock, marble. Although white in its purest form natural impurities mean it can be found in a wide spectrum of colours and veining.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock formed over time from seashells. This stone is usually light and neutral in tone with subtle flashes of colour and delicate swirl patterns of shells and minerals. It’s minimalist appearance and luxurious finishing creates a timeless elegance in any room.


Travertine comes from the crystalline deposits of calcium carbonate left after centuries of water seeping slowly through rock. Usually pale in colour and with characteristic surface pits and holes, the range of available finishes makes this classic stone a popular choice.


Slate has a unique look and is an extraordinary and versatile material. Slate has very low porosity that makes it stain resistant and easy to maintain. It is typically rustic in appearance but milled or smooth products are also available. It is excellent for exterior paving. When it comes to slate, always evaluate it for density, absorbency and abrasion resistance to make sure it is compatible with its intended use.


Quartzite can have a cleft surface, like slate, or can be smooth like marble and granite in both appearance and strength. The main difference between slate and quartzite is its ability to with stand many freeze-thaw cycles. Quartzite that looks like slate, natural cleft, should be cleaned like slate and polished quartzite should be cleaned and treated like granite.


Soapstone is a soft material with talc as its main component, although soft, it is very dense.

It can be used for countertops, sinks, masonry heaters, flooring and many other architectural applications.

Quartz Surfaces

Quartz surfaces also known as “engineered stone” is made by mixing  and compressing natural quartz derived from granite and epoxy resins to create a hard wearing and stain impervious surface. Most engineered quartz is fabricated in the same manner as natural stone materials such as granite and marble. However, it is heavier than granite and has a uniform appearance free of natural imperfections. We are authorized fabricators of the following lines of quartz products: