Kitchen Counters

Kitchen countertops are one of the most attractive applications of stone. Terrastone has the knowledge, experience, fabrication technology and skilled craftsmen to fabricate and install colourful, natural surfaces to fit any kitchen design. With people today spending so much time in their kitchens, countertops must be both attractive and functional, and their working surfaces durable and hygienic.




Terrastone’s long experience with granite, quartz and other stone surfaces insures the installation of countertops that are best suited for your kitchen.

Terrastone will customize countertops with the colour, design, appliances and edge profile that will give your kitchen the perfect feel.





Bar and Reception Counters

Marble, granite or quartz make beautiful bar tops, whether you are setting up or revamping your office or business, or simply want the luxury of a bar in your home. These stones are spill–resistant, easily cleaned, and always add a touch of elegance. Reception counters fabricated of marble, granite or quartz adds a touch of classical elegance to your office or business. These durable, low maintenance surfaces enhance the quality and value of a home or business.